Spy photos: Audi RS5 2017 to debut a new V6 engine turbo


The next 2 June will be officially launched in Ingolstadt the new Audi A5: the second generation of this coupe of medium size will be an important step forward in most aspects, given the seniority of the current model, born in 2007. Their design remains a small mystery, but if we can trust so that tends to be common within the brand of the four rings, we will see a calculated evolution that will take elements from the design of the new Audi A4.

however, the launch of the Audi A5 2017 will not include any of its versions more desirable, that will come later. We refer specifically to this Audi RS5 2017, of which we will show now new spy photos of your ‘mule’ of evidence circulating around the Nürburgring: will arrive already entered the 2017, and will be the most powerful and sporty of the range of the coupe, showing off the initials ‘RS’.


it Is important to clarify that the RS5 that you can see in these images is, precisely, a ‘mule’ in which tests are being carried out of your engine and chassis. Under all that camouflage, its design and body are not the final, something that is especially noticeable in details such as its bumpers and wheel arches wider, with a design temporary to accommodate the increased width of roads and size of tires that will have the RS5 compared to A5 common.

As usual, the new Audi RS5 highlighted on the outside by a body kit is specific, offering more sportiness and attractive with a front bumper with grille honeycomb and the air inlets of larger size, wheels-turbine style and a rear diffuser with exhaust outlets oval. However, their biggest news will come in the mechanical aspect, leaving the block aspirated V8 of 4.2 liters and 450 HP of the current model.


as in the upcoming Audi RS4, the the engine of the Audi RS5 2017 be a new V6 turbocharged. Although it is still early to be able to confirm it, you will have 3.0-liter displacement and configuration twin-turbo: it is likely that to incorporate a small turbo-electric that will provide an instant response at low revs, coupled to a turbocharger conventional larger regimes of mid and high.

Your power will be approximately 470 HP, making it rival with models like the BMW M4 Coupé or the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupé. Seated on the new modular platform MLB Evo, will be lighter than the current model, and will incorporate the latest innovations of the brand such as instrumentation digital Audi virtual cockpit and a new shift S tronic dual-clutch. To know it in detail, we will have to wait for next year…