Spy photos: BMW X3 2017, new details on their tests, winter

The BMW X3 2017 has left to see another time. Unlike the mules that were used when we saw it for the first time, the new images reveal to us different aspects of your body short in these prototypes that have been doing the usual tests winter own of these dates.

Thank you to our photographer, spy, the BMW X3 testing in Sweden shows the general design of your front bumper and grill and show the presence of a roof spoiler to optimize aerodynamics. The optics are not the final, but at least the front if they show the silhouette that will shine the headlights that will take the production model.


This will be the third generation of one of the most successful models of the range BMW and has the internal code designation G01. The new X3 will be based on the platform CLAR and display a reduction of about 100 kg on the scale with respect to the current model. Will be presented at the end of next year, as a model of 2017.

The range mechanics will be very large, with mechanical gasoline and diesel in addition to at least a hybrid version plug-in. As a great novelty in the family of the compact SUV German will be the presence of a variant BMW X3 M that will be the object of desire of those who demand a performance level to the reach of very few in this segment.