Spy photos: Fiat Type five-door, now testing in the cold winter


The Fiat is the new spearhead of the Italian brand inside of the sedan compact four-door with affordable price. Manufactured in Turkey at the plant in Bursa, the model is already on sale in Spain, with very competitive prices, from 9.900€. In your design also will note the hand of the italians, with a very attractive aspect and away from the model of a purely ‘low-cost’.

The Fiat original Type was the sale between 1988 and 1995, with an acceptable commercial success. It was a compact to the classic style -his brother of the four doors was called the Fiat Tempra-, barely four meters in length and lines are very square. Well, once resurrected your name, the family is expanded and after the sedan soon will come this new Fiat Type of five-door.


officially Confirmed by the brand, the Fiat compact will be presented during the 2016, and here you have a new occasion to view the article: in these spy photos can be seen in Sweden, in his evidence winter under extreme cold. It will also be manufactured in Turkey next to the four doors, and will have a length which will be about 4.20 meters.

Its size could put you within the compact segment, being an alternative to models such as the Ford Focus, Seat Leon, Renault Megane or Kia cee’d, although your price will be more affordable than these, so that also rivalizará in price with the utilitarian, swimming between two waters.

The Fiat Type of five-door will maintain an approach of a vehicle affordable and versatile, something that will be felt in your equipment or range of engines. These will be the same as in the sedan, with diesel and gasoline between 95 HP and 120 HP, by opting in to offer mechanical low displacement and fuel consumption, which in the end are the most demanded in its category.


The design of the Fiat Type compact will not be a surprise if you have in your mind your brother in three volumes. Your front will be virtually identical, as well as its interior: the main difference comes in the later part shorter and more vertical, with less overhang, different optical and gate to rear. What we will see in 2016, and market in all of Europe.