Spy photos: Mercedes E-Class Estate 2017, nearly uncovered completely

This is the first occasion on which we can see the Mercedes Class E Estate 2017 virtually uncovered. So far, the indiscreet lens of our photographers spy had only managed to capture the prototypes of the future ranchera German with a camouflage which hid almost his entire body (last time, in their tests, winter).

The E-Class Estate images only keeps a lid on the rear, but allows you to see the naked the shape of your roof and windows. It is clear that the family of Mercedes will maintain a design identical to the sedan in the front, being the B-pillar to the point where they start new developments. From this pillar to the roof line shows a slight fall, which is more pronounced in the profile of the windows in the rear to give look more dynamic.

The passengers of the rear seats will be the main beneficiaries of the shape of the roof. Continue to maintain the same leg room in the sedan, but the free distance to the ceiling will be higher so you will enjoy a feeling of spaciousness above. The boot will increase your ability and, thanks to the gate of generous dimensions, will win in practicality.


The Estate will be based on the same modular platform MRA of the sedan, with which they also share range of engines. In the inside do not miss the latest technological innovations and finishes, refined and luxurious, taking a step that moves it closer to the sumptuous Mercedes s Class.

This family version will be the variant most versatile of the new Mercedes E-Class, which is already on sale in dealerships Spanish after its presentation at the Salon of Detroit. It will not be the only novelty in terms of bodies available for this model, since that will also come soon to the E-Class Coupe and Class Cabrio.