Spy photos: New BMW 3 Series G20, caught at the Nürburgring


Born at the end of 2011, the current BMW 3 Series, now in its last stretch of commercial life. Last year, we received a timely “facelift” that will keep you updated for a while more, and even they are still renovating some versions and bodies of the family, as the newly introduced BMW 3 Series GT in 2016. However, the bavarian manufacturer is not neglecting the development of the new generation of one of its models star.

In these spy photos, we show you how to progress the development of the future BMW 3 Series G20. On this occasion we have hunted in Nürburgring, where it has completed dynamic testing of chassis and engines. It is still early to know your final design, since this unit test is hidden under a complete camouflage, but even so distinguished part of its front surfaces and draw your body.


With two escapes located at the ends of its rear, in this BMW 3 Series 2018 it is appreciated the front-end, quite different from the current model, more sharp and under. Its optical front will receive inspiration for the new BMW 7-Series, while its rear is very solid and it also highlights some headlamps with volume, protruding towards the sides: the camouflage would have us believe that these are circular, a detail that will be different in the production model.

Your silhouette side does not lead to deception, and is fully recognizable as a 3 Series while maintaining the classic and dynamic profile of four doors. Still need a couple of years for the arrival of the BMW 3 Series G20 seventh generation, since it is intended for 2018: long before there will come the new BMW 5-Series (G30), which will be presented in the coming weeks, and premiered in the Paris Salon 2016 after the summer.