Spy photos of the Porsche Cayenne in 2018, the new generation hunted in Germany

Porsche Cayenne 2018 - foto espía

The Porsche Cayenne in 2018 can be seen for the first time in Germany.

The new Porsche Cayenne 2018 has been hunted evidence by a German road. This is the first time that the new generation of the Cayenne is left to see for the German lands. A development programme that continues to slow but without pause, and that very soon we will be able to see culminated in the presentation of the renewed SUV of Porsche. Will there be noticeable changes in terms of design or mechanics? we mentioned along this article.

it should Be noted that both the front and the behind of this unit test should not capture a lot of our attention. And is that Porsche engineers have decided to use both the front and the rear of the current model. A very interesting instead of opting for camouflage as is often done habitually. However, and unfortunately, so also prevent from Stuttgart that we can get more details about the design line that will follow the next Cayenne.

Another important aspect to take into account of the new generation of the Porsche Cayenne in 2018 is that will make use of the architecture of the Audi Q7 current or the new Bentley Bentayga. We talk about the platform MLB in your configuration for SUV. Moreover, it is an architecture that will also be used for future releases of the German group, as the next Volkswagen Tiguan, or the future Lamborghini Urus.

Porsche Cayenne 2018 - foto espía

The new generation of the Cayenne to debut hybrid variant plug-in.

Thanks to the use of a new platform, it is expected that the new Porsche Cayenne 2018 to be able to receive a strict diet to reduce your weight at around 150 kilograms approximately. Thanks to this weight reduction, we have a model that will show a driving more dynamic and agile as well as higher performance combined with fuel consumption and emissions more efficient.

And as we talk about consumption and emissions. What do we know (mechanic of the future Cayenne? Because the truth is that there are not many concrete data, but yes, we can anticipate that there will be big news. And is that the SUV from Porsche would not be available in conjunction with engines of four cylinders. Yes, “the big change” will be without a doubt a hybrid variant plug-in. Something that will mark the history of the Porsche Cayenne.

¿When we will see it in dealerships? The launch of the new generation Cayenne is scheduled for the beginning of the year 2018. Therefore, we may see a particular presentation by Porsche at the end of next year 2017.