Spy photos: Porsche 911 R, the first photos

Our photographers spy have managed to the first images of the Porsche 911 R. This version of the nueveonce is for more fans more purists of the brand of Stuttgart, and his presentation is scheduled for the Geneva motor show to be held next march.

Some of the porschistas more traditional were somewhat disenchanted seeing that the range of the Porsche 911 is dominated by thrusters supercharged. The future R version, inspired by the GT3, is designed for them because they leave out the turbochargers and uses a maximum torque of the engine.

The German brand has not been walked with halftone and has mounted the engine of the Porsche 911 GT3, that is to say, a six cylinder configuration boxer and 3.8 liters of displacement with 475 CV, though the power could be increased slightly in this alternative. Moreover, it is expected that the R is lighter than the GT3, so the formula is promising.


The design of the bumper and the diffuser of this prototype is brand new in the Porsche

Another complaint of the most purists is that the automatic transmission of double clutch PDK was doing to forget the traditional manual gearbox. So Porsche has not stayed there but they have been granted their wish: manual switching. Therefore the transmission will be another of the key differences between the GT3 and the R.

– level aerodynamic the fundamental difference lies in the fact that the R will not have the large spoiler on the GT3, and as you can see in the spy photos. Definitely, the 911 R, 2016 looks to be the sports more effective in circuit to fight against the stopwatch: if your goal is to to provide the feelings that are more authentic to the driver. Get a smile on each shift.

After his presentation in Geneva, the Porsche 911 R to begin your marketing probably in a limited edition -rumors, unconfirmed, indicate that they will sell 600 units-. Are reasons more than enough for those who, by their nature, will quickly become a 911 highly collectible and not lack of demand.