Spyker is back at the Geneva motor show in 2016 with a sporty electric


Spyker massive capital B6 Spider (2013)

The next Geneva motor show 2016 will be particularly important for some small manufacturers of that a long time ago that we had no news. If the british manufacturer TVR will rise again with a new model, it seems that will not be the only one. And is that after passing through many difficulties in recent years, Spyker finished your return in the sample, switzerland.

As points Autovisie, you have a new model in Geneva by the Dutch. Spyker will introduce a new sporty electric, but still do not know if it will be a production model or just a prototype for exhibition. Your last model presented dating back to 2013, and it was a concept car, the Spyker massive capital B6 which not came to be made.


Spyker Cars has gone through severe financial problems in recent years, with a bankruptcy in 2014. A few months ago rose free of debt after a restructuring, with the help of Volta Fly, a u.s.-based company specializing in aircraft electrical. Gone are those times in which even had its own team of Formula 1, having to face the disastrous purchase of Saab to General Motors.

Victor Muller continues to be the President of Spyker, and will seek to return to the benefits from a small production number that will ensure exclusivity. The partnership with Volta Fly should help in the transfer of technology, pending a later full fusion. Will be the next March 1 when you know all the details: we’ll see if this new Spyker electric can result in the final salvation of the company.