SRO limited to the Pro class in the Blancpain Endurance Cup


The Blancpain GT Series, and more specifically the Endurance Cup, has in recent years been an enormous evolution. More and more manufacturers betting very seriously by the category queen of the GT3, so that the presence of the official drivers is on the rise. The level of the series has grown exponentially, but it also has impacted negatively on the number of cars that compete outside of the professional category. In fact, those enrolled in the Pro-Am Cup and in the Am Cup have been dropped, something that is of concern to St├ęphane Ratel.

in fact, in the 1,000 km of Paul Ricard concluded a week ago, out of the 58 cars in GT3 that took the output, 35 of them were competing in the professional category, the majority backed by manufacturer or by equipment support. Only 19 cars battled for the honours in the Pro-Am Cup and four measured forces in the Am Cup. Figures insufficient and that cater to the arrival of more and more professional teams and to the progress of the training amateur to scenarios where they have a greater presence, as is the case of the Blancpain GT Sports Club.

For this reason, St├ęphane Ratel is considering reducing the number of places Pro and thus match the scale. In this aspect, the head of SRO Motorsport expects that the growth of the Intercontinental GT Challenge serves as an escape valve to accommodate more factory equipment, and “relieve the pressure” of the Blancpain GT Series. Although Ratel has not given clues on how to limit this number of places professional, what seems clear is that he wants cars of the class Am, get back to the contest and gain prominence. The dance among the Blancpain GT, the international GT Challenge and the Blancpain GT Sports Club is the key.