Ssangyong and the technology of the future, electricity and driving autonomous

today that are not aware that the future belongs to electric cars and to driving autonomous, is not living in this world. There is No week that does not come to the fore one or several models with technologies of tomorrow. On this occasion it is the turn of Ssangyong that presents us with a Tivoli electric and a Korando autonomous.


The Tivoli EVR developed together with the institute KATECH Korea

In collaboration with one of the most important technological institutes in Korea, Ssangyong is sum of this way to the race by winning the car of tomorrow. And what better way to do that with two of their models most commercial of all, the small and new Ssangyong Tivoli, and the always robust Ssangyong Korando.

In the case of the former, the latter has been used as platform for electric vehicle with extended autonomy. Equipped with an electric motor of 108 HP, a battery pack of 25 kWh, and a small heat engine with three-cylinder and 325 cc, with the sole function of recharge, the Tivoli EVR has been able to travel 400 Km, of which 125 were conducted in all-electric mode.

The hyundai brand wants this car to step on the real world, and why it is working for that at the end of the decade it will be possible. Surely along, 2019, Ssangyong it will be revealed, thus completing the range of the Tivoli that already has units of all kinds, from traditional diesel and petrol engines to the more recent LPG.

For its part, the Ssangyong Korando is able to use the electricity for other tasks. Equipped with a battalion of cameras and sensors, the Korando self is able to go alone on long stretches of straight road and curves, as well as dodge different obstacles that can be faced.


In the future cars will be able to circulate by themselves

once more Ssangyong wants to sell it, although for this purpose has set out a roadmap which has as deadline the year 2020. From then we will know it the technology of autonomous cars will be extensible to the real world. Many manufacturers and countries go for it, like Spain, which has already approved the free movement of these cars.