SsangYong XAVL Concept: a combination of styles

SsangYong XAVL Concept

The Korean manufacturer included in the conglomerate indian corporate Mahindra & Mahindra Limited report on the appointment helvetica the new SsangYong XAVL Concept, a whole way of 4’63 meters long and with capacity to seven people.

This new model is the evolution of the concept XAV that SsangYong was presented at the iaa in Frankfurt in 2015. With him want to open up a whole new generation of vehicles that will follow the aesthetic language, which the manufacturer launched with the SsangYong XLV. To this end, its designers have been gathering in a single-vehicle robustness, and the image of an all way with the interior spaciousness of a minivan.

SsangYong XAVL

The importance of the SsangYong XAVL Concept

This new SsangYong XAVL Concept will be the first member of a whole family of vehicles that is robust and practical, but with a few new levels of quality that will bring them closer to the products “Premium” europeans and this will count not only with a few new levels of quality but also with a new interface easy to use able to establish communications between the passengers, the car and the home and that later will enter in the rest of models of the brand. Hence the great strategic importance that has this SsangYong XAVL Concept in the future growth of the brand.

The image robust to the exterior of the SsangYong XAVL Concept contrasts with a comfortable interior, spacious and contemporary in design that will feature seven bucket seats as a separate element in its category. In addition, both the three seats of the middle row as the two of the third row can slide and fold back to provide maximum flexibility for the transport of persons and cargo that is expected of a car that aims to compete with both mpvs as with the increasing supply of SUV s.

SsangYong XAVL Concept


despite its state still of concept, the manufacturer has already determined the range of engines that will be offered in Europe, the SsangYong XAVL Concept: a 1.6 diesel and a 1.5 petrol. Both engines equate Start&Stop, comply with the regulations and Euro6 and may be combined both with automatic and manual. What yes has made it clear the manufacturer is that the start of marketing will be offered the front-wheel-drive as the only alternative.

This new SsangYong released a few security measures never before seen in the brand. When you arrive at the market to equip you as a novelty, an airbag exterior to provide greater protection in case of collision, and another front center airbag located between the two front passengers.

Among the features of comfort in the driving, the SsangYong XAVL Concept will equip a advanced system of assistants emergency braking, maintenance, and change of lane, light road, blind spot, parking assistance…

SsangYong XAVL Concept


XAVL Concept will also be the SsangYong charge of a new new computer navigation, entertainment and air-conditioning equipped with a full-color LCD display 10’25 inches, which includes the function WiFi for the passengers of the second and third row and the function LinkToHome, which will allow the occupants to connect with your home and control home automation systems. All of these functions may be to govern from the computer itself built into the console of the car or from a specific application for smart phones.

there Are great expectations for Ssanyong in this new model, being the same manufacturer that affirms that the success of the XAVL Concept will depend on the launch of a new all-terrain “authentic.

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