SsangYong XAVL Concept: in anticipation of an SUV inspired by the Korando in the nineties

With the Geneva motor show, 2017, at the back of the
corner, the guys of SsangYong have
confirmed and unveiled the first details of one of the big surprises that
have prepared for such an event. It is a new conceptual model with
the that the brand in south korea shows us a preview of what will be a new
SUV that will add to the range of SsangYong.

SsangYonv XAVL Concept

SsangYonv XAVL, a new conceptual model that the brand presented at the Geneva motor show 2017.

The denomination XAVL makes reference to “eXciting Authentic Vehicle Long SUV” whose translation is “the exciting and authentic vehicle over SUV”. If we pay attention to all the teaser that you have posted SsangYong we find a line modern, stylish and elegant, it reveals a model of great quality that will not go unnoticed in a segment in which there are increasingly more alternatives.

The designers of the signature south Korean highlight that they have taken some influence of the SsangYong Korando marketed during the decade of the years 90. For the brand, the SsangYong XAVL Concept will unveil a new concept SUV that will display an image rugged and masculine, but seasoned with practical details and minivans more classics.

If you look at the picture of the interior, the huge screen for the infotainment system reveals to us that we are before a model very technological and advanced. Gone are those SUV spartans and rough that SsangYong developed and marketed. Now the brand boasts a catalog of products that are more refined in that it has paid special attention to every detail and finish.

SsangYonv XAVL Concept - interior

the interior of The XAVL Concept differs a lot from the latest release of SsangYong.

This concept we will anticipate a new large SUV with a cabin for seven passengers with which SsangYong hopes to give response to the latest releases of this nature that are taking place in the old continent. A clear example is the new Skoda Kodiaq or the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace (that is coming).

The new SsangYong XAVL Concept is related to another concept car that the company introduced in the year 2015 during the Frankfurt motor show, the XAV Concept. A model that has also been commented that you will receive a production version of. Something that will not occur until the end of this decade, as SsangYong XAVL Concept.

Using as a basis the XAVL Concept, the signature will show in Geneva the new features of the Preventive Security developed by SsangYong. Will also be presenting the latest developments of the manufacturer in its range of diesel and gasoline engines in that they maintain an acceptable level of performance along with a reduced consumption and emission levels.