Star your car against a tunnel painted on the wall wrong hole

it Is difficult not to take it in jest, and we imagine that the protagonist does not make much of grace, but hey a little bit it does. It turns out that this good man, name unknown, was flowing so quietly by a city of Mexico last week when suddenly, he had an accident. The problem, printed against a wall that had a tunnel painted.


it is hard to believe that someone is confused, but the story is true

apparently the driver got off track for a moment, because did not test positive on alcohol or drugs. If we add to that the “realism” of the tunnel drawn just to the side of the good, and the night, the sum of factors concluded with an accident that fortunately there was nothing serious. A simple oversight that has ruined your car and your pride.

To make matters worse, the news has spread like wildfire on social networks, sparking a great stir on all sides. As you can imagine the jokes have not stopped circular, a thing that will not make any grace to the protagonist, as his car was destroyed in the fatal and comical accident.

to finish off, as you can see in the picture that circulates through social networks, the tunnel is painted makes reference to the famous tunnel that appears in the roadrunner and where so many times we have seen crashing the poor coyote. This time it has not been the animal, but someone has ended up crashed. This is what happens when you confuse the hole.