Star your McLaren 650S against a tree 10 minutes after obtained through comparison

of course the money can pay for many things but not all. From the
The United kingdom comes to us a curious story about the owner of a
McLaren 650S Spyder had an accident with your new vehicle
penalties 10 minutes after you have purchased


Star your McLaren 650S Spyder 10 minutes after you buy it

neighbors claim that
minutes before they saw the owner cheers from
a bottle of champagne
, supposedly in celebration mode
for having managed to buy his brand new sports. Shortly after
the vehicle
ended up crashing in front against a tree in a
road near Hutton, Essex, (United Kingdom).

this so ridiculous, the owner ended up destroying a
sports car valued at £ 200,000,
262.395 euros
costs in our country
. In the accident no-one was hurt no
wounded or deceased human
but the roadster was quite
battered. All the front has been like an accordion, with the
front bumper shattered. If you thought this was all
you are wrong because
the central motor rear also
has been affected because of a blow against a traffic signal
. More
bad luck, or lack of hands, it looks amazing.


The shock was front but behind also received an impact messing up the engine

the moment the local authorities are carrying out a
research on who was driving the vehicle at that moment
and power
to clarify what happened. Unfortunately this is not the first time
something happens, a few days ago we knew
the first BMW M2 rugged than not had neither the time nor the register, and even still
the owner of a MX-5 ND the next generation in anything more out of the dealer had a mishap with another vehicle.

that as it may, the sports of
V8 engine of 3.8 liter 641 HP and
678 Nm of maximum torque will not be the same for quite a
time, so you will not be able to squeeze his mechanical accelerating from 0 to
100 km/h in
3 seconds or circulating almost 330 km/h.