Start disastrous for Renault.


37 spins the first day, 42 the second. Jolyon Palmer has not had the best start as a pilot of Formula 1 and Renault is suffering terribly with an engine that is in its third year of development is still not living up to the prestige of the brand. After problems are the software yesterday, today has been the engine completely failed, causing a thick smoke in the circuit.

“it Was an engine problem, replace it. At least we took several turns, more relevant than those of yesterday, but 79 laps is not ideal for the first half of my preseason, so I need a lot more next week”.

Palmer showed frustrated by the breakage, because until that time, everything was going perfectly. “Today, in reality we had no problems, until all of a sudden came a big one. Everything was going well, is a penalty. I hope that we can fix it and that Kevin can add more turns in the next two days”, ended by saying the pilot is the rookie of Renault.