Start the calls, review of Golf for the case #Dieselgate


calls to review the Dieselgate have begun. Volkswagen announces that the entity Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has given as valid the software solution that has been raised by the German manufacturer to its two-liter engine diesel. So Volkswagen started his round of calls to the workshop with the Golf TDI 2.0 Blue Motion Technology (BMT) on european soil.

According to the plan of action caused by the Scandal at Volkswagen, the compact is the first to have visited the dealership but the list of affected models will continue to grow up to be completed. After the Golf 2.0 TDI will follow him the rest of the models. In Europe it is estimated that about 15,000 units of the compact provided with manual switching are being called to the workshop.

This measure, of going by calling to the model, and not all at the same time, it has to do with the efficiency and speed with which will solution to the problem by calling the same models in a block and the execution will be faster and more efficient. If you’re one of those affected and you haven’t received yet, you will soon receive a letter from the manufacturer informing you of the modus operandi to update the software of your car, just as he did Seat some time ago.

The brand reminds us that it is exercising its right as a manufacturer to remedy defects of their products, but it is true that we are not at all clear what the consequence will be the solution that you are carrying out although they assure that this will not penalize the consumption levels of fuel or its performance data.