Startech makes the Maserati Levante SUV more refined and interesting

The SUV of the mark of the trident will receive very soon a new
package of improvements that give it a more spicy, radical, and
exclusive. The guys of Startech
have everything ready for the debut of his program settings to the Maserati Levante during the upcoming
Geneva motor show 2017. It will be the scenario in which a company belonging
the Group Brabus be displayed to the world his new job. But, what is new to us
offers this preparation for the Lift? Let’s discover them.

Maserati Levante dressed in the package of upgrades from Startech.

The first thing that calls the attention is the new body kit designed by Startech for the SUV Italian. All items are offered in a series in Pur-R-Rim of OEM quality, while optionally, you can apply carbon fiber. In the image gallery that accompanies this article you can see the contrast of the one and the other material. In the case of the second option, it is emphasized much more the sporty character of the Maserati Levante.

Taking a look at its look, we find a new spoiler-front. For its part, in the behind has been added to the new diffuser as well as a roof spoiler. All the elements that make up the body kit have been designed to use the mounting points from the factory, so it can be installed and/or removed with ease.

Also, skip to view the new sport exhaust system. The final detail of the exterior modifications comes by way of a wheels 21-inch Monostar M Startech made-to-measure for the model Maserati. They are wrapped for a few tires 265/40 ZR 21 (front axle) and 295/35R 21 (rear axle).


Along with a body kit, Startech also offers some new wheels for the Maserati Levante.

In terms of the interior, Startech has not released images, the trainer gives us an insight that it is no more open doors will give us the “welcome” a-board backlit with their logo. Also added a few new aluminum pedals and a footrest metal. In addition, we have a new carbon fiber inserts to enhance the atmosphere “racing”.

In regards to trimmed, Startech because we anticipate that attends any kind of request either leather, Alcantara or premium leather. Any option is considered to create an interior fully customized to our taste.

┬┐And what is the (mechanical? Because, although it is not yet available, the trainer we already anticipated that you are working in a kit potentiation for the engine Twin-Turbo V6 petrol and turbodiesel. However, it has not given details about its release date and the improvements that will provide for both engines.