Starting this Thursday, open up the orders for the new Audi A8

One of the most anticipated innovations from the house of Ingolstadt is the Audi A8. It is not because it is one of their best selling models, then probably, and leaving to one side the RS and R8, may be the least sold; but it is the model more representative of the signature in which elegance, quality, sophistication and technology. In short, it is the model that best reflects the values of Audi.

The German brand desvelaba totally his flagship during the month of July, although he had previously announced on several occasions some of their latest technologies and a part of its design thanks to some other teaser. Although it has not yet reached the streets, starting this Thursday, October 5, you can already reserve the first units, but for the German market.

The most luxurious model of the signing of the four rings boots, it in your body normal, and with the mechanics more affordable, in the 90.600 € for his own market; whereas the body – “L” long wheelbase part of the 94.100 euro. We already know from his presentation that the starting price for the Spanish market will be of 97.500 € , not to be that the German firm has decided to change his mind. On the other hand, not take too long to arrive to our dealers.

we Recall that the Audi A8 will be in charge of brand new in a good part of the world the new designations mechanical of the brand, where and not talk about the 2.0 TDI or 3.0 TFSI. By putting some example, we will have Audi A3 40 TDI.

on the other hand, the Audi A8 will also be used an air suspension very technology capable of considerably reducing the consequences in the event of an accident side. In addition, a premiere of the new digital instrumentation that will be gradually spreading across the rest of the brand and new manufacturing processes of your body.

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From 85.320 euros