Starts the production of the Audi Q2, the model is more expected of the German brand

Audi Q2 2016 vista traseraAfter many, many advances, finally came to the Audi Q2, the new SUV brand from Ingolstadt. The todocamino was presented a few weeks ago, being one of the staging’s most important brand in the last few years. And is that the Q2 comes to become one of the best selling models of the manufacturer, as simple as that, having to please her great qualities. The production the same has already begun, and we hope to have it in our hands very soon.

The Audi Q2 has started its production and will shortly be distributed to the main market to little by little go now in force in this segment so hard. The model will be built in Ingolstadt, and is planned for completion around 450 cars per day. To achieve this rate of work the company has done some modifications in the plant, as that has to do with the transmission, now it will be easier to install in the car.

Audi Q2 2016 vista frontalalthough, the plant where it is mounted on the Audi Q2 is the most important part of the company. It is the second largest factory of the continent, filling some 500,000 vehicles a year. In the same factory end up a car every 30 seconds, having a pace of work really important. Thanks to this good planning, the brand makes sure that the new Q2 will be delivered on the dates specified to avoid delays that every client screwed up.

The Audi Q2 will land in our market in the fall. The new bet of the family Q will appeal to a wide public by its versatility, its compact dimensions and its aesthetic. Also offers in its range mechanical a complete list, where we find powers which range from 116 HP for the 1.0 TFSI up to the 190 HP of the 2.0 TFSI.

Source – Audi