Starts the production of the Infiniti Q30 in England (with video)


The first Q30 are already coming off the assembly line. Soon in the dealerships

Infiniti wants to make the leap. Want to reach a level of significant market, and to do nothing better than to get into one of the most complicated segment of the european business: the compact. The Infiniti Q30 is the bet, a model that just starting its production in the plant English of Sunderland.

250 millions of euros have been invested Infiniti in the creation of the factory, the first that it has in Europe. Until now, all their models are exported from Japan, and the Q30 will be the first that has its headquarters in the old continent. In fact, the compact will be sold only and exclusively in our market.

The alliance between Nissan-Renault and Daimler has allowed Infiniti has many elements of Mercedes. In fact, we could consider the Q30 as a Mercedes A-Class with a design much more exciting. Us have already tried and the truth is that we liked very much the final work.

not at the moment know the price of official sales of the Infiniti Q30 in Spain. The only thing that is known is that will depart from 24.900 euros with the petrol engine 1.6 T 122 CV. Soon we will know the figures, but all indications are that it will be cheaper than its twin German. A good bet that it is waiting to be welcomed by the customers.

then pick up the pace with the Q30, plant English you will start the manufacturing of the version SUV of the same, the Infiniti QX30. In this case it is not known when it will arrive to the market, and the prices that go on sale. But for that we should not have to wait long, because in a few months should be here.