Starts the production of the Jaguar I-Pace, the Tesla Model X uk

So it is, the car that will be presented globally at the Frankfurt motor show, next September, has started its production. In addition, we know that the Jaguar I-Pace will begin shipping in 2018, we can see that in the first half.

Will be then when the Jaguar I-Pace will become, therefore, in the first electric car launched by Jaguar and, to this day, is the most firm opponent of the SUV of the californian Tesla, its Model X. Although the I-Pace is not being fully built by Jaguar, as she is being designed and assembled by Magna Steyr, an engineering company of austria.

Karl-Friedrich stracke along with, president of Magna Steyr, said that the company is working on the development of the I-Pace, making a new body shop to produce it.

“the performance of The chassis is gorgeous, it is incredibly quiet. The suspension has received a slight adjustment, but it is something normal. This completely confident that you will challenge a lot of cars in the current market” – said stracke along with.

The president of Magna Steyr also revealed that the acceleration is incredible, it is even better than that of Tesla. “When you accelerate it pushes you towards the seat. The steering wheel is very agile and do not feel the weight of the car on each movement” added.

The signature of the austrian has worked on the exterior, chassis, interior, body, and even in the paint. All to optimize production and achieve a standard of premium quality, as we expect from the british brand.

“We have tried to include the correct processes from the beginning,” añaidó Karl-Friedrich stracke along with, president of the brand’s austrian Magna Steyr.

it Is obvious that Tesla has stolen the wallet to many car manufacturers. You can clearly see as Mercedes, Audi and BMW are developing their own hybrid cars and 100% electric, and we will soon see a nice battle to achieve better models. Without a doubt, the consumers win when there is more competition in the market of hybrid/electric.

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