Steal $ 250,000 worth of tires at a Chevrolet dealership Texas, USA

The Monday tend to be quite hard but the last week was especially for a Chevrolet dealership Texas, united States. At the beginning of the week to start the work day had been realizing that they were the victims of a massive theft of tires stolen cars that were stored in the campa. A total of 48 vehicles were completely stripped of their sets of wheels and tires being barefoot on the ground.

The crime took place to 1:22 on the morning of Sunday earlier as shown in the surveillance system of the place however the criminals have not been able to be identified by the absence of light. Forced the locks on the back door where they housed the vehicles, and ensured that the area was entirely in the dark before getting in on the action. By the little information offered by the recorded images, the police claims it was a large group of raiders they loaded all the goods on a truck.

According to the department of police of the area the thieves took them about four hours done with all the loot: 48 complete sets of tires whose estimated value is still being calculated but it fluctuates between 200,000 and 250,000 dollars. Among the models affected are sports as the Chevrolet Camaro, pickup truck, Silverado, and the crossover medium Traverse, some of them from 20 and 22 inches of great exclusivity.

Now the dealer must face up to the replacement of tyres and wheels of the vehicles involved as well as to develop a list of damage on the vehicles, such as these were placed directly on the asphalt of the parking lot. Everything is in the hands of the police and the insurance company of the dealership.

apparently the massive theft of wheels and tires it is not uncommon for the area commented the manager of the dealership. Last year something similar happened to them to the same franchise and also has happened to other dealers in the area although they touched be victims of the largest of all of them.