Steal $ 3.7 million in engines of Jaguar and Land Rover

Without a doubt, the 2017 has not started with good foot for the group Jaguar – Land Rover. Last Tuesday, announced the news of Birmingham (United Kingdom), have been stolen from the group is something more than 3.7 million dollars… in engines and other mechanical components.

These engines were stolen from the production plant that the brand has in Solihull (England). Apparently, thieves, at the hands of a truck, also stolen, and drove it to the facility where found a trailer full of engines

Jaguar Land Rover

So it is; the thieves do not were launched one, but two trailers full of engines from the factory in Solihull (Uk). In the same night and with the same truck, were able to take the spoils. Surprisingly, to perform this maneuver with the first of the trailers led them to the days looters nothing more than o six minutes!

apparently, it is the second time that happens a robbery of this type; almost identical and in the same installation. Although in the first time, the value of the loot stolen was just over $ 1.2 million and were five persons convicted for that crime.

The authorities are predisposed to look for the cause of the misdeed; finding at least the trailers… although completely empty. A representative of the company, says grant substantial reward to any person who supplies information valuable; which is crucial in the resolution of the case. This, you should be able to help the authorities to clarify the place where can be found the engines.

That was the only statement that has made the brand of car in this regard. has Not provided any official information about the impact of this fact could have; either at the time of manufacture of the vehicle, or on the possible time delay that could be caused in delivery of the cars to their owners.

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