Stefanovic returns to the charge and prepares a team of F1 with base in Italy


Zoran Stefanovic, entrepreneur Serbian lover of Formula 1, has launched his third attempt to enter Formula 1 with his own team. After trying unsuccessfully in the 80’s and 90’s, opositó to a place for the 2010 season along with Hispania, Virgin, Lotus and USF1, but his proposal was rejected by the FIA.

That project was the last Toyota built that she was not able to compete after the surrender of the japanese to begin the 2010 season-and who subsequently became the car of tests Pirelli-, with Kazuki Nakajima as a driver.

But the FIA felt that their project was not sufficiently solid, giving the plaza to Hispania, Lotus and Virgin. Now, the Serbian is back again with a project that aims to begin to compete in 2019.

According to reports, who has spoken with Stefanovic in Austria, there will be a meeting with Ross Brawn to discuss the details of the project. “I meet with Ross Brawn because I am creating a team in F1 with a base in Italy”, confirmed by own Stefanovic.

The Serbian account with the advice of Enrique Scalabroni, an engineer who worked for Williams, Ferrari and Lotus in the 80’s and 90’s and that has been responsible for the project of engines Asiatech and the team in GP2 now defunct NSL Competition.


Stefanovic had the support of Toyota in 2010, but the FIA was not impressed and refused his request for the license.

“Before coming to Austria, I have reached important agreements”, said Stefanovic about it. “I have defined that the base will be in Parma because it is relatively close to the wind tunnel. I have also signed an agreement with a specialist in aerodynamics to help with the project”.

The intention is to start operating in 2019, but it all depends on the approval of the FIA, something which Jean Todt confirmed recently following reports of the birth of a chinese team.