Steiner: “The difference with the head is between 1 and 1.5 seconds”


Gunther Steiner, Head of the team Haas, has confirmed the suspicions that many analysts have after completed almost in its entirety the pre-season 2017: the three big teams have much margin of advantage over the chasing group.

this was stated by Steiner Autosport, ensuring that “between the first three teams and the rest, surely the difference is between 1 and 1.5 seconds”. Steiner is of the opinion that the greater part of that disadvantage lies in the aerodynamic development of racing cars and which is logical taking into account the budgets. “It’s aerodynamics, and we need to work on that, not for Australia. The big teams will always have more resources and this is to be expected. It is not a surprise that Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull will do better than the rest”, acknowledged Steiner.

despite this, the head of sports of Haas believes that, as you progress through the season, the teams with the most retarded could reduce the differences, as the margin of improvement of the three leaders will be increasingly lower. “they Have more resources to do more testing, and it is what it is, but maybe your profit is each time more small and the equipment modest we can move forward more”.

by Focusing on the chasing group, Steiner believes that it is likely that Williams has something of advantage over the rest, even if it is something that can only be confirmed when the first race of the season. “I Think that Williams is a little better than the large group (Haas, McLaren, Force India, Renault and Toro Rosso), but we need a few more days to be sure and in Australia what we know”, ” said the leader of Haas to finish.