Stewart: 2016 will be the season of Rosberg

Jackie Stewart con su característica boinaAccording to Jackie Stewart, the scottish legend of the F1, the dominance of Mercedes will continue in 2016, but as seen at the end of this season, the next could be that of Nico Rosberg. The scot does not rule out that the German will fight for the title in 2016, leaving behind the dominance of Lewis Hamilton seen in 2015, and with greater equality just like the year 2014, where Rosberg made it very difficult for his team-mate.

According to Jackie Stewart “If Mercedes continues with this domain that is expected, we will find the same thing, but must not rule out to Rosberg. there is nothing that will prevent Rosberg to win. It is fast. We’ve seen him get many poles and is more matched with Hamilton. I’d like to see him win the title. Would be very nice.,“ says the three-time Formula 1 world.

Rosberg y Ecclestonein Addition to Stewart has praised the current vice-world champion of Formula 1, Nico Rosberg. The scot says he has a way of driving more thin than Hamilton. “sometimes that aggressiveness can be used against you. Nico is good and there is no doubt of that. The problem is that you have to be very beno and you have to take a extra step beyone.”.

In terms of the domain of Mercedes, Stewart does not augur a good future for the rest and believes that Mercedes will continue to dominate and that will take time to overcome. “at The end will expire at the Mercedes, but I’m not sure that the other teams are good enough to compete with them. There are more than a second of difference, and is a distance that is too large. It’s going to be difficult for someone to exceed while the money of Mercedes follow there.”