Still not sold autonomous, but Volvo has already secured how you will see your favorite series in HD in your autonomous car

Call to start the house by the roof, or a vision of the future. Volvo has not yet begun to sell autonomous cars, and we still have to wait a few years for that day to come, but is already thinking about what services will need to their customers when travelling without a driver. If in our homes we take a moment of rest and rest to connect to the tv and see a series, or a movie, on Netflix, Yomvi, or any other video service streaming, Volvo believes that such a habit will not be very different from that which we will when we go up to our car and we don’t have the need to drive. And for this the solution that you have found Volvo is partnering with Ericsson, the telecommunications company Swedish that will ensure that we see the season number 15 of Game of Thrones in streaming and without cuts.

Volvo already think of data connections that are robust, reliable and with sufficient capacity to receive streaming video of high definition.

According to Ericsson, in the next few years, streaming video will represent 70% of all mobile data traffic. We talk of huge amounts of data, especially if we take into account that with modern devices the customer will not be satisfied with anything less than HD video with fluency and without cuts. It is possible that in that future that draws Volvo we learn to see our streets many cars without driver, passengers reading the newspaper, answering emails, or following the latest chapters of their favorite series.

Volvo already think of even in solutions really curious. Your car knows that a chapter of House of Cards lasts just over 50 minutes, that you do not like to leave the chapters to the middle and your trip lasts only 40 minutes. What will you do with your car? It will adapt the speed, within legal limits, or the path, so that your trip lasts exactly the same thing that your favorite series and thus optimize in terms of fuel consumption or electrical energy, the journey.


  • do so Much effort to watch Netflix in the car?

    What Volvo does not say, but, yes, we have to take into account is that, beyond the needs of a large bandwidth, a data transmission capacity is very high, which requires a system of streaming video, autonomous cars will be very much dependent on the mobile connections data. May not be required to transmit a volume of data so high, but that data connection is strong and stable. So that after this agreement with Ericsson is hiding something more than the reproduction of series and movies in the car, Volvo is ensuring a fundamental pillar of its new generation of autonomous cars and connected.

    let us Not forget that Volvo has been raised as an objective anything but straightforward, to ensure that their cars are infallible, and that no one dies in them as of 2020. This is not just have to rely on the use of driving aids are increasingly effective, but also in the goodness of the car connected, and ideas as innovative as the ones we have already seen in the last few months, and of course the autonomous car.

    Source: Volvo
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