Stockholm ban cars for one day in September

Imagine your city bans cars. Stockholm is a city where one million people live, and on September 19 of this year will be impossible to drive by car all day in his old party and a big part of the center. It is not due to an episode of contamination, and the city does not prohibit the movement of cars the rest of the year. It is an experiment, set in the European Mobility Week . an annual event promoted by the European Commission to promote clean mobility

Promote sustainable mobility

The minimum services will be maintained and municipal and emergency vehicles can circulate.

not only prohibit cars Stockholm for a day this fall, also the Swedish cities of Piteå, Lycksele, Täby, Älmhult and Varberg have joined this initiative. It seems that Sweden is at the forefront of efficient mobility at the European level, we did not expect such a proposal arises in another country. The Swedish capital was named Green Capital of Europe in 2010 has received numerous environmental awards and usually develops sustainable mobility initiatives.

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Its buses operate 24 hours and are powered by biofuel, for example. The metro system also works late and have bicing services and numerous bike paths. The idea is that citizens aware of what it means no car and can appreciate the myriad of alternatives of their disposal. Options that are not only comfortable, but have a much lower cost.

In the old town of Stockholm there are already restrictions on access to private cars.

All citizens must sacrifice part of their privacy in public transport, or make the effort to be mounted on a bicycle. From the city it says so low (according to The Local) which may in the future be introduce traffic restrictions for cars . Stockholm should also promote the use of cycling, where it is absolutely battered by the second largest city, Malmo.

estocolmo-coches-1 Since the mayor is also talk that soon will begin to develop car sharing projects to prevent the use of private cars harm the environment and the pockets of its citizens.

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