Stop to a former executive of Volkswagen by the Dieselgate in the US

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In September of last year we already informed you about the first arrest that had been of a former executive of Volkswagen Group to root Dieselgate. On that occasion, the grievant was James Liang an engineer of Volkswagen that he decided to plead guilty (we don’t know if voluntarily or forced) to participate in the fraud of the emissions of diesel vehicles in the united States.

What it seems that happened years ago, but now we get the information through, The New York Times that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI (to give more hype to the issue) stopped at another executive of the Volkswagen Group accused of conspiring to defraud the united States. The detainee would have been taken to police stations in the city of Florida this past Saturday, but it has not been until now that they have made public accusations.

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The detainee is called Oliver Schmidt and during the years 2014 to 2015 directed the office for regulatory compliance, anti-pollution of the united States in the Volkswagen Group. This situation has been reached through the various suits that have been filed against the German conglomerate in the states of New York and Massachusetts in which are charged directly to Schmidt to be an active part in the fraud of the emissions.

Seeing these accusations the Volkswagen Group will complicate things and to this former officer (already) of the consortium thus must be brought in the courts of the State of Florida these days. While all this is happening the group has not made any statements official on the matter, but very well has not been due to sit on the governing board since the great executives not come to the Auto Show in Detroit, which is being held during these days.

, the FBI has also declined to make statements, although it is likely to continue filtering out more about the research that is being conducted against the Volkswagen Group and the Dieselgate.

Source – The New York Times