Stop Volkswagen! Toyota continues to be the manufacturer number 1 in the world, what bill will the fraud of the TDI?

Toyota remains the world’s largest manufacturer. Up to September, inclusive, Toyota had sold 7,49 million cars around the world. In that same period, the Volkswagen Group has sold 7,43 million cars. To be honest, a difference of 60,000 vehicles in volumes that at the end of the year will be at around 11 million, is so small that well, we could qualify the situation of technical tie between Volkswagen and Toyota, in a year that kicked off with the group automobile German taking the lead in this race. Yet it is difficult to venture how it will affect the crisis of the TDI Volkswagen in its goal of achieving the throne of the world, but certainly we can imagine that to a greater or lesser extent affect the total volume of sales of their brands.

In 2007, Toyota took the lead of General Motors as the manufacturer, most important – by volume – of the world. After losing the throne in 2011, Toyota recovered in 2013.

Both Toyota, as the Volkswagen Group, have fallen slightly this year, at around 1.5% (Automotive News). With the crisis of the TDI, Volkswagen has had to stop sales of some of its diesel. And in one of the most important markets for its growth, China, its sales have been slowed and have started to submit. Not to mention the overall impact that may have – in the medium and long term – loss of customer confidence after the fraud of the TDI.

According to analysts, and although at the beginning of the year we expect Volkswagen to take the lead, Toyota will continue to be the king the world 2015, the manufacturer that more cars sold each year around the world. But we must also remember that for the japanese this has not been a bed of roses. Toyota reached the throne in 2007, at the expense of General Motors. In 2011, with the crisis of the pedals, and the tsunami, General Motors and Volkswagen took the lead, until in 2013 Toyota returned by its fueros.