Straddling a compact crossover: knowing in depth the new Infiniti Q30

The Infiniti Q30 is one of the most important car for Infiniti in years. Perhaps in its history. It is the first serious attempt by the Nissan’s luxury brand to attack the profitable premium segment C. And they do it with the new Infiniti Q30 , a car with an image somewhere between a compact crossover . A different proposal in a market dominated by German brands and a key player in the expansion of Infiniti in Europe segment. The Q30 presents an original proposal in the segment, which we will get to know.

Two flavors for Infiniti Q30 2016 . Spicy and delicate. Sport and Premium

The Infiniti Q30 shares more than some engines with the Class A Mercedes.

The Infiniti Q30 appears to us as a differentiated product appearance. It almost looks like a car out of a manga comic, with a body of staff and tapered design. The front has focused on the role calender synchronized with the current brand image, a robust profile, almost SUV . It is a relatively long drive – has 4.42 meters long – and even seems high, is only 1.49 meters tall (1.47 meters Sport version). Combine similar to those of a coupe in a compact size proportions.

The rear stylistically interesting. The jog the C-pillar is unique in the segment and the tailgate is studded with fine lines emanating from its side profile. Two parallel exhaust tubes and a bumper grilles studded complete an interesting visual pack, which feel fine 18-inch wheels as present in these official images. The Infiniti Q30 will be offered basic versions, Premium and Sport . The images correspond to the Premium and Sport.

Once jacket version, called QX30 , would be launched on the market in the coming years.

The differences lie in the height of the car, two centimeters lower in the Sport version. Continues to print high car, but gives the impression of being so high as in the case of Premium suspension. The remaining differences lie in the design of the bumper, more aggressive in the Sport. Customers can choose from two flavors for Q30 , although I feel that in Spain we will tilt openly by Sport versions, given the success of the M Sport package and AMG of turn.

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A luxurious, comfortable and very traditional interior

Infiniti has worked particularly qualities inside the Infiniti Q30 . It has been the main focus of the Japanese brand in a product that at least inside, just risked . It is a sober and nice interior, but away from the more adventurous design of its competitors. However, does not disappoint. Everything is where it should be: one simple and easy to read analogue instrumentation , a center console with not many buttons and an integrated on top of the instrument panel

Its trunk has 368 liters of volume, just right figure.

This screen is not touch-control and interestingly, does not follow the canons of design Design: neither is folding and seems to float above the dashboard. In this regard, thanks Infiniti – I still do not accept the fashion for floating screens, sorry. The Q30 will have three interior finishes : The City Black combines black with purple upholstery paspuntado, Cafe Teak is classic – black on brown upholstery trimmed; White Gallery and white leather combined with red, a passionate look.

In a few weeks we will be able to taste the Q30 in its international launch and we can see first-hand finishes and interior quality, a verdict firsthand. Infiniti has also installed a system of active noise cancellation , countering with stereo sounds outside and engine. Also produces artificial engine noises from the speakers , as more and more cars make. As extras, they can be mounted semibacquƩt sports seats and aluminum pedals.

A dynamic product with much in his Mercedes DNA

By sharing architecture with the Class A Mercedes, Infiniti Q30 is a car front wheel drive and independent suspension on all four wheels . Since Infiniti is reported that the car has a dynamic handling without losing comfort in its basic and premium versions, the Sport version to be the most suitable for a sportier drive. Their engines are already known, and all are turbocharged associated with manual gearboxes, with the option box double clutch seven relationships.

These engines are directly taken from the Class A Mercedes. We have two 1.6 gasoline turbo with 122 hp power and 156 hp, ending in a powerful 211 hp 2.0 turbo. In cycle Diesel, 1.5 turbodiesel origin Renault-Nissan with 109 hp is the access step, while the more powerful option is a source 2.1 Mercedes 170 hp . Infotainment systems and driving aids include a view camera 360 degrees or an automatic braking if a collision is imminent.

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Source: Infiniti
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