Strakka Racing ruled out your project in LMP1 for 2017


Strakka Racing has renounced his project in LMP1 of face-to-2017, every time that the team understood that the unknowns in the regulations of the category are too large to deal with the construction of its own prototype for the next season. In this way, the british team dismissed for the time to build their LMP1-L and will wait for the rules of the game are defined. In principle, the team of Dan Walmsley will focus on LMP2, although to do this you need to acquire one of the new chassis developed for the next year.

however, the team Strakka Racing does not close the doors, as acknowledged by the Walmsley. The team values with good eyes to follow in the WEC but there are more options that may be unique or complementary. Input the training does not rule out output your current Gibson 015S-Nissan rent or sale to another training to compete in the Asian Le Mans Series, a category that will allow the current specification of prototypes LMP2 open until at least 2018. From there you will need to ratify if finally follows in the WEC or look at other championships for the next season.

While Strakka Racing dropped that if the legislation is strong and clear maintains its plan to develop its LMP1-L private in 2018, the last round of the WEC at the Nürburgring, has served to awaken a rumour about the departure at the end of the year of one of the private teams that actually compete with one of the LMP1-without hybrid technology. In other words, the non-entry of Strakka Racing could be accompanied by the march of ByKolles or Rebellion Racing, which would almost orphan subclass private. Both teams have reasons for their departure for their low performance or their own doubts with the new regulation.