Streetscooter Work, the electric van Deutsche Post


The postal service in germany has noticed, like many other postal services, e-commerce is reviving the profession. The letters for personal reasons, and the postcards would hardly move, but the packages with goods from the Internet shops give a lot of movement.

to cope with this increased activity, were needed more vehicles, but that was the problem that would increase pollutant emissions. The new vehicle should be electric, and is contacted with the auto companies.

No e-van has met the conditions

not having luck in the selection process, Deutsche Post decided to create his own vehicle, something that was within his reach without investing a lot of money in development and production. If not, it would have come out cheaper to collar the dog. The key is in the suppliers; they do almost all the work.


progressively, manufacturers have been relying on outside companies for the fabrication of various items. Today, without the suppliers, the car could only do the fifth part of a vehicle. The outsourced process, the result is available for more clients.

This electric van, called Streetscooter Work, has an electric motor source Bosch with 41 HP of power. Its maximum speed is 80 km/h and can load from 650 to 1,000 kg, and their ability to not low of 4.3 m3. The approval is N1, light commercial vehicle, this is not a quadricycle, electric.

Its lithium-ion battery of 20.4 kWh can be recharged in a plug conventional 16 amps in four and a half hours (up to 80%) or seven hours for a full charge. With that energy has a range of 50 to 80 kilometers, more than enough for the cast in an urban area and a 10-hour day.


Streetscooter Work L, elongated version, with more load capacity

Now circulating 1000 units of these vans, and the capacity of the factory is 5,000 units per year to a single turn. It could double production by adding another shift of production. When the vehicle has already developed, would have a competitive cost versus alternatives, the brands always.

suppliers are those which manufacture most of the parts, the operators make the final assembly, and is not required as much labor or production systems in a series of very sophisticated. We do not know the cost of each unit, but it would be reasonable to think between 15,000 and 25,000 euros.

To tell the truth, the electric versions of the Citro├źn Berlingo, Peugeot Partner, Mercedes Vito or Nissan NV200 are above in terms of convenience and benefits, but we’re talking about work vehicles. The life expectancy of the Streetscooter Work is 16 years of age, and unlike the vans, diesel, regulations, anti-pollution, current and future do not affect them.


In recent years, the traditional manufacturers are seeing that new technologies make it easier for “new players” get to produce vehicles without the need of resources so immense. Tesla is one of the best examples, a company born “out of nothing” with a handful of idealists, engineers, public and private investment…

That technology companies are biting the cake no longer surprises us both: Google, Apple or Amazon may significantly increase its presence in the automotive market. Now even a powerful company of mail you can remove sales of a giant the size of Volkswagens. The suppliers are happy, it is a good business.

With the time more and more postal services may be interested in the models of Streetscooter GmbH, a company of Deutsche Post who manufactures these vans. Represent a giant leap over what had until a short time ago, quadricycles electric that were closer to golf carts than cars. The tables have changed.