Stroll, delighted to have Massa on his side


For Williams it was critical to find a replacement experienced Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa has slotted seamlessly into that role, as in addition to know the team. But, in addition to cope with the new regulations, Williams wanted to a reference that would serve to evaluate and help Lance Stroll, which comes directly from the Formula 3.

The canadian driver will also appear an ideal solution, as has been commented in statements to Journal de Montreal. “I’m sure many fans are happy to see Felipe return. We have been cooperating for a long time, since I became a pilot of the development of Williams. Felipe is the perfect replacement for Valtteri. For me, its back to the computer nothing changes, I still have to face the same challenges as before”, said Stroll.

the opinion of The editor

If it is questionable that Felipe Massa is the best solution for Williams, because if it is an experienced pilot and capable technically speaking, your athletic performance has been mediocre in recent times, especially in 2016. In this case, the team has preferred the “bad known” “good to know” faced with the prospect of a season complex with the new regulation entering into force.

But it is undeniable that for Lance Stroll is the perfect companion, because it can help to lay the technical foundations for their learning in Formula 1 and, in addition, is much more likely that you will manage to at least match the speed of the brazilian, quite a bit more complicated in the case of Bottas. To be under the influence of her father, Lawrence, Martini, or simple choice of the technical staff of Williams, it is true that Stroll has reasons to be pleased with the outcome of this whole situation.