Stroll: “I Come with money, but I think that I have earned an opportunity”


Lance Stroll has been presented today as the new pilot of Williams for 2017 alongside Valtteri Bottas. His youth -has attained the age of 18 years on the 29th of October – accompanied by several victories in the championships of junior categories and also a substantial amount of support in terms of sponsorship. His father is a billionaire canadian who, among other things, collects Ferraris, and that has allowed him to prepare with a a programme of testing with the Williams of 2014. Stroll not refuse and although he recognizes that arrives to Williams “money”, also states that it has been “livestock a chance in F1”.

If Stroll is really ready for Formula 1 is something that can be seen with time, but while the time comes, Lance is shown exultant for having a dream fulfilled.

“to Compete in Formula 1 in 2017 is amazing, I cannot thank enough to Williams your show of faith in my abilities. Compete in the F1 was something that I dreamed since I was a kid. When I started in seriously in karting, the F1 became the end goal and especially when I started to compete in single-seaters in 2014”.

To Stroll, your previous results will guarantee and believes that now it is important to take the situation with calm and step-by-step.

“2017 is going to be a big learning curve for me, but I am anxious to absorb all that Williams can share with me to improve. I’ll take things race by race, lap after lap, and I hope to progress with the experience as I did when I arrived at the Formula 4 and then to the Formula 3”.

The program test that Lance Stroll began in August with a Williams FW36-2014 in various european circuits ensures good acclimatization to the usual procedures in the Formula 1, as well as cars of great power, with those who have never competed to have happened to F1 straight from Formula 3.

“I Think that participate in the European Championship of Formula 3 in the last two seasons has prepared me well for this step forward. There are many elements to learn and I am still young. I’ve been acquiring experience in the Williams FW36 2014 since August and has done very well. The power is incredible, I am learning about the car, the incredible downforce, DRS and tyre management, looking for rhythm and limits. I feel more comfortable and confident with each batch”.

For the young canadian, his record justifies fully this opportunity that Williams gives, since it has won all the championships in which he has competed.

“I’ve had success in karting, F4, Toyota Racing Series and most recently in the F3, winning every category in which I have competed so I think I deserved a chance in F1. I am very grateful to everyone who helped me reach this level”.

Claire Williams, Deputy Director of the team Williams, has been delighted to welcome you to Stroll and justifies his signing with the previous results of the canadian, as well as its evolution during the test performed with the single-seater 2014.

“I Am delighted to confirm that Valtteri will compete with Williams once again in the coming year and which will be accompanied by Lance Stroll. Lance came to the young driver program of Williams at the end of 2015 and has impressed our engineers with his maturity, talent and enthusiasm. We are delighted to be able to provide you with an opportunity to move forward and show what he can do in Formula 1 after having dominated in all the categories he has competed. Is still young and we are looking forward to seeing your evolution as a pilot. Williams has a great record for introducing young riders that have gotten great results in Formula 1 and we hope this will be the start of a long career and successful for Lance, too.”

The daughter of Sir Frank Williams recalls that the team has as a final objective, to win back and expected to Stroll and Bottas will allow them to speed up the process and get it.

“As a team, we continue to pressing on our objective of winning races and championships, and we believe that this exciting new combination will put us in position to achieve our future goals”.