Stroll: “I Prefer not to compare myself with other riders”


Lance Stroll will be one of the two ‘rookies’ that debuten in Formula 1 in 2017 after becoming a pilot officer of Williams F1. The canadian rider, who comes from winning the FIA F3 European Championship, will partner Valtteri Bottas in a formation with which he has been working on the past few months, which has allowed him to try one of the Formula 1 british team. Thanks to this, Stroll has been able to see first hand the “amazing” jump there is between the two cars, as has been acknowledged in statements to ‘Sky Sports’.

“The step is incredible, tremendous. The Formula 1 has a lot more power, but also a lot more aerodynamic force say Lance Stroll. The canadian also added: “The Formula 3 is an attractive car that teaches you to fly properly. You have a lot of downforce, and to not have so much power, you have to find the exact point to be able to squeeze his advantage. The Formula 3 is a car pretty good and teaches very well in the face of the category above. I would not say that I am a rookie better-prepared, because each one is prepared differently. I Prefer not to compare myself with other riders“.

About his relationship with Williams, Lance Stroll has confessed that before signing with the team of Grove, he had to focus on getting the title of F3. Only when he became champion, sealed his agreement: The conversation began when I finished my first year in F3, but still had work to do, to win the title. I tried to avoid all distractions and concentrating only on winning the F3. When I got the title, we signed the agreement to 2017. We did not do so immediately, it took a little time, but now I am ready to prepare as best as possible. I will work all winter to get to Melbourne as well prepared as possible”.