Stroll is “fun” the barrage of criticism


After being confirmed as a pilot officer Williams for 2017, Lance Stroll was immediately questioned by his inexperience in single-seaters and their tendency to suffer from incidents in competition.

Williams has always maintained that the canadian is supported by their results and not by the considerable budget provided by the family of Lance Stroll, but what is certain is that his inexperience has been evident in the first few races of the year, suffering a lot to get closer to the times of Felipe Massa and keep you safe from the problems.

In contrast, Lance Stroll believes that the root of the criticism is very far removed from the sporting results. “it Is obvious that I come from an environment in which, when I win, people try to drown and when I lose, too. I accept it and I find it fun. But it is out of my control, I am focused on my work”, ” said the canadian.

Formula 1 this season has gained in complexity and has posed a new challenge to the less experienced pilots, something which, in the case of Stroll it seems more and more evident. Despite this, he claims to be enjoying his stay in the category and considers that it has a higher pressure than that in lower categories. “I’m enjoying my stay in F1, enjoying the experience, I’m here competing at the age of 18 years is very special. Just go race to race. Obviously I have pressure, but no more so than in the past”.


Lance Stroll you believe that you have made enough merits to deserve the position and that, had it not been for the bad luck, and some other error, would have already scored. “I Won my championships to get here, are my first five races and has been a little hard. It does not change anything, there is still much ahead. There have been options to score, in some races I’ve had bad luck in Russia, I made a mistake on the first lap and there were a variety of points”.

I Won my championships to get here, are my first five races and has been a little hard. It does not change anything.

The Monaco Grand Prix will be, surely, a tough test for the canadian, who must face one of the circuits most treacherous of the calendar. “I’m going to get to Monaco thinking that is new, that is a challenge that I’m going to take time. If I surprise my performance, then that’s awesome. If not, I’ll work on that.”, said in a statement published by Autosport.