Stroll silenced the critics after his podium in Baku: “sometimes I’m perfect”


The canadian rider got the first podium of his career in Formula 1 in the past Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, despite being overtaken by Valtteri Bottas to a few meters from the finish line. After this landmark, Stroll he remembered those who had criticized after its dubious start to the season.

“I don’t think that proves anything, I try to ignore such things.”, said Lance Stroll at the end of the action on the track on Sunday, referring to the ferocious criticisms that a large part of the paddock poured on him in the early stages of the season. “it is Only noise. Last year I had a fabulous season in Formula 3, and this year, when I have gone wrong, are going to follow you there. It is only about people talking. I’m happy for myself, for my team, my friends and family; everyone who is in this with me, that is the only thing that matters”.


Lance Stroll was ‘forced’ to perform a shoey alongside Daniel Ricciardo.

Their eleven victories in the Formula 3 European allowed him to clinch the title, after finishing with 507 points, with the team Prema, however, Stroll believes that “takes some time” move from that category to the Formula 1, at least at a competitive level. “we will Still have end of the week complicated as we progress. Sometimes I’m perfect, but I think that no one understands that sometimes, the jump from F3 to F1 is big enough. To understand what they wanted out of the car took me some time”.

Your condition of rookie is especially relevant in a year, which introduces a policy completely different from the previous one. “This year, the Formula 1 is very different for me. I just need to experiment, try different things and fixing this and that. I think that is a large part of the blame for that, sometimes, everything is more complicated”. The season of Stoffel Vandoorne, another rookie at the controls of a F1, has not been easy, but the unit of power that vitamin your MCL32 has not allowed him to prove much.

“What is true is that I have improved quite my style of piloting, adapting to Formula 1, and I need to keep working on small details in order to continue moving forward,”. Williams shows confident face to the second third of the year, ensuring that this is only the beginning. “This is not here, I can still improve a lot”.