Stuart Howatson was passed by an employee of Mercedes to defraud

Stuart Howatson37 years of age, Stuart Howatson is a man who will be tried for alleged scam. Was passed by steering of Mercedes during the season of F1 2014, and so I got to scam individuals, hotels and security companies. But the day that I was going to be sentenced for their crimes, admitted to the hospital. This adds another new case of corruption to the F1, that from the imprisonment of the banker, Gerhard Gribkowsky, the acquittal of Bernie Ecclestone by his trial for bribery and other cases, has been spotted with this type of acts amoral and unethical.

As other sports, F1 is not immune to this type of cases of corruption, however, the FIA has already done an internal audit undertaken by a particular company to prove that they were clean of corruption as in the case of other bodies such as FIFA. But the Formula 1 is something more that the FIA and some take advantage of his fame to commit this type of crime. Now Stuart Howatson is the next chapter, since was passed by the operations director of Mercedes AMG F1.

Mercedes y Ferrari con ventajaThis is the status used for scamming for a value of thousands of euros to individuals, security companies, hotels, etc, For this reason, this English faced 12 charges of fraud and one for theft. Of all of these crimes, 9 of them were conducted in 2014 while impersonating an employee of Mercedes during the period of January to June of this year. Managed to defraud 3400 euros in hotels and restaurants in Leamington, Kidderminster and Bewdley. Also stole 1900 euros to a man she met on the street.

But their crimes do not stop there, also purchased, between may and December of 2014, security systems digital value 288.000 euros, software for value 23.904 euros and other security services to computers with a value of 1.4 million euros. This is the information that has given the BBC. But Howatson had to attend court this week and did not attend for admission in Hospital, apparently, according to ITV, they tried to kill herself to see what came up. But Stuart had already had problems with the law before, in 2010 was sentenced to 20 months in prison for impersonating a police officer and a member of the security body of the queen…