Stunning! Ken Block, Hoonicorn hiperdopado and the Pikes Peak ascent (video)

it is widely known by all that Ken Block is a type capable of making authentic virguerías with the cars. In addition to his long career in the world of competition, it is also common to see it in multiple exhibitions defying the laws of physics and perhaps your luck, as some of these maneuvers are of very high risk.

In his last Gymkhana, call Climbkhana, the pilot is the mythical stretch of Pikes Peak at the wheel of his Hoonicorn V2; which is no other thing that a Ford Mustang of 1965. But no, it is not precisely a Mustang classic series, as it takes a preparation extreme with a cast of modifications. If you ask for your engine, thanks to various settings and to overfeeding by using two turbos, it develops nothing less than 1.400 CV. The show is assured. IDale al play!

The route is about 20 kilometres, and if you thought that the 20 miles more dangerous were the Nürburgring you were very wrong. 1,500 meters of vertical drop, dozens and dozens of curves and cliffs of vertigo is what you have had to overcome Ken Block. Of course, burning rubber and gasoline like there’s no tomorrow, in addition to abuse the hand brake lever.

unlike other “hillclimb”, here do not take into account the time, but the ability to amaze the viewers. Probably, or at least so we thought, this Gymkhana is the most spectacular that we have seen Ken Block, and do not, it is precisely because the others have left something to desire, but because simply that today we bring you looks like more of a movie with lots of special effects. The result, no doubt, is spectacular.

By the way, have you seen the detail in the time 4:00 imitation of the legendary Ari Vatanen with your Peugeot 405 when he just took one hand off the wheel to cover their eyes from the rays of the sun? hats off by the small tribute to one of the riders most nostalgic in the world of competition.

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