Stunning! So is the Bugatti Chiron: the successor to the Veyron has been caught without camouflage

Awesome! The successor to the Bugatti Veyron he had already left to see for the Spanish roads, disguised with the bodywork of the Veyron and leaving us clues, such as the connector of your batteries, about something that we have been commenting a long time ago: will be a plug-in hybrid and will be, probably, close to 1,500 BHP of power. But until now we could not make even a slight idea about your aspect, your body. And that is why the image that you see above has so much value. So is the Bugatti Chiron, the successor to the Veyron, without camouflage!

call Chiron, or not, the successor to the Bugatti Veyron will have a mechanical hybrid plug-in, close to 1,500 BHP of power and a design reminiscent of the prototype Vision Gran Turismo Concept.

Still in doubt as to whether Bugatti will opt for the name Chiron, or any other, what is clear is that this prototype of Bugatti that was left to see by the German roads reveals more than we would have dreamed of knowing before his presentation. Reveals that your lateral line will retain its characteristic design of the side fins in a teardrop shape, with a profile that extends up to the roof and we demonstrate that its similarity with the prototype Vision Gran Turismo Concept recently presented will be as important as we imagined.

Your behind, honestly, it is spectacular, even though it is the only area that has seemingly been camouflaged to hide the design of their drivers rear.

What do you think?

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