Stuttgart will prohibit diesel-powered vehicles in the center of the city

Stuttgart contaminación diésel

The great european cities and half the world are getting tired of the pollution and emissions emitted from cars and industries. The pollution is increasing by leaps and bounds, it seems that the thing has a complicated solution. However, instead of fighting against all the factors that come to play in the pollution of the air, for now they are only attacking cars and diesel-powered vehicles.

is Certain that are the most polluting of all, but as we all know thermal power plants and other types of industries also issued his own and oblivious to the atmosphere. The city has been proposed, this time, fight against diesel-powered vehicles is the German Stuttgart. According to have been communicated to the local authorities to Automotive News the vehicles powered by this fuel will not have access to the center of the city.

Stuttgart contaminación

The point that will drop the balance in favor of or against the entry of diesel vehicle to the interior of Stuttgart will be the compliance or not of the emissions has recommended the European Commission. In the case that you do not get to meet in a year, diesel-powered vehicles will be driven out of the inner-city streets of the German city. Therefore, from the authorities of the city encourages industries to comply with the protocols because if not there could be problems.

As a measure against diesel-powered vehicles the city of Stuttgart, has made public a data curious. This refers to that only 10 percent of diesel vehicles circulating in Germany during 2016 comply with the regulations anti-pollution Euro 6. Hinting she emphasizes that the car industry should get the batteries to not be left out of the game when climate change is a proven fact (as if it is still not out).

The problem, regardless of all comes by the following: the German city is only criminalizing cars. It is true that he also lashed out at the industry in general, but those who will be harmed are the cars. We believe, therefore, that should open a little more your mind and to attack the problem from the root not from the leaves.

Source – Automotive News