Subaru already has a California permit to test its autonomous car

Subaru Viziv-7 Concept

To driving autonomous can become a reality, the brands are working on autonomous cars should test them to Polish their possible failures. The question arises in what many times we can prove in the countries in which they are creating and therefore have to move their engineers to work on the ground. In this case, the united States has become the world centre for the testing of autonomous cars because many of its member states have regulated their operation and allow brands to work comfortably in their tracks.

California he was one of the first states to open its doors and as he did, the different brands of cars were launched to test their prototypes on their roads. At present, the authorities of the state have already provided up to 22 permits, however, it is more than likely that the list will continue to grow in the coming months. The following signature to get to the routes of California is the japanese Subaru and by the date that they have obtained your permission (February 9) well could get to the state before the end of this month.

Subaru Viziv-7 Concept

Subaru has not made statements about the (or the) vehicles tested in the country, but if we know what kind of technologies will be tested. The japanese firm has achieved with the Subaru EyeSight that their cars, through the use of cameras and radar, can have one of the best controls of adaptive cruise. In addition, thanks to the also have an advanced system to warn you before a collision is imminent so that the vehicle can stop before the collision.

With this basis, Subaru want their cars to start and stop alone when they are in a jam or in a situation of slow traffic. In addition, they will also work for the Subaru EyeSight also can allow their cars to perform certain maneuvers autonomously, such as lane changes or cornering the vehicle is out of the lines that mark out the pathway.

The date that you have marked in Subaru to take these technologies to the point 2020. What we don’t know is if all arrive at the same time to the market or if they will incorporate it into their cars gradually.

Source – Engadget