Subaru BRZ 2017: 5 keys to understand all the changes in the sports coupe from Subaru

After the upgrade of the Toyota GT 86 (see all the details of the Toyota GT 86 2017) has been Subaru, which has undertaken the update of its sports coupe, the Subaru BRZ, giving way to an Subaru BRZ 2017 with timid improvements yes, but with enough depth as to put this alternative to the Mazda MX-5 and the Nissan 370Z due to the day.

What changes in your exterior design?

The face wash introduced by Subaru leaves us with a new front bumper in which appear a few also renewed headlights, completing the aesthetic change a new optical rear LEDS and a new endowment of tires.

What’s new in your interior?

Between the changes of its interior we caught up with a new cover in alcantara on the instrumentation, a new finish for controls, climate control, a “BRZ” embroidered on the upholstery of the sports seats and certain improvements of equipment (rear view camera, multimedia system…) that have to be tackled come the time of their marketing in Spain.

is There any change in the engine of the Subaru BRZ 2017?

as we saw in the Toyota GT 86, the Subaru BRZ comes with a slight increase in power, bringing the block boxer 4-cylinder petrol and 2-liter cubicaje, atmospheric, from the 200 horses up to the 205 horses, coming in at 211 Nm of torque.

This power increase would come from the hand of changes in the manifolds of the exhaust and in addition, for those who buy manual, revised ratio of the gearbox.


do And in making his point?

Subaru speaks of new springs and dampers as well as new anti-roll bar and new reinforcements for your chassis, counting now with a new bar turrets.

have Also redefined the parameters of the stability control.

An optional package for the most burned out, what we will see in Spain?

To major will be offered a “Performance Package”, which arrived to Spain would still be determined. This package would include better brakes, signed by Brembo, new rims and a new endowment of suspensions firmandas by Sachs.

Via Carscoops