Subaru Corp, the new name of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd to be more recognizable

SubaruFuji Heavy Industries Ltd. is an industrial conglomerate founded in 1953 and known in the automotive world by encompass to the brand Subaru, one of their business more noticeable and profitable. Subaru, as a division automotive industries, is reaping in recent years, a good commercial success and greater visibility in the market, acts for which Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. will be renamed to Subaru Corp., to which the name of the conglomerate is the most recognizable in all areas.

This change of name has been revealed along with the results of the last fiscal year, which ended last march 31. Even so, the 28th of June must be approved at a shareholders ‘ meeting, for which the change is effective from 1 April 2017. This year, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. has beaten its own record for the third consecutive year, with an impressive profit margin of 17.5%, almost three points more than last year.

Subaru in figures

Prueba Subaru Levorgnorth America is currently the most important market for Subaru as a manufacturer of cars. Two-thirds of the production is sold there and in this fiscal year, the total of 957.900 vehicles sold, 630.000 have been sold there, a 11% more. Europe is a market much less significant, with 48,000 units. Despite the overall increase of 5.2% in sales in Japan, these have declined.

face at the end of fiscal year 2021, Subaru has raised their sales forecasts to the good functioning of their products. 1.1 million units sold as the target, the mark becomes 1.2 million. For that year, you want to sell to 800,000 units in the united States.

Source – Automotive News