Subaru Forester tS, 280 horses signed by STI Japan only

subaru forester ts sti 1 Subaru Forester tS, 280 caballos firmados por STI sólo para Japón Almost a month ago Subaru left us with honey on the lips to present some teasers of what appeared to be the new Subaru Forester STI born, performance SUV from Japanese brand to a new level by Subaru Tecnica International, the sports division of the brand of the Pleiades. Today has finally debuted the model, Subaru Forester tS decaffeinated STI somewhat unfortunately only sold in Japan will be called.

But is that even many Japanese will not enjoy this Subaru Forester, since it will be sold at limited edition of 300 copies . The Japanese always leave the best for home. Under the hood of this Forester tS find the most powerful engine to date view model with a two-liter boxer engine 280 horses and 350Nm of torque. There are 40 extra horse power than the Forester XT marketed in Spain.

subaru forester ts sti 5 Subaru Forester tS, 280 caballos firmados por STI sólo para Japón On the mechanical side the truth is that there are few more differences regarding XT, since the same drive system and automatic transmission CVT Lineartronic is used. No major improvements in terms of chassis, although it is true that the suspension is lower 15mm and management of engine and transmission as well as traction control and stability have been recalibrated.

On the aesthetic paragraph, the Forester tS is quite similar to the XT, but the front bumper receives splitter as change highlight . Other details are for the pink color of the grid and anagrams, while all elements like chrome front grill or under the windows are stained black, together with the rear spoiler. The forged alloy wheels are a BBS 19 “[1,999,006], home equipment upgraded brakes signed by Brembo.

subaru-forester-ts-sti-7 Inside the Forester if it is more like the WRX STI with interior upholstered in red leather and black microfiber , with contrasting stitching on the doors, steering wheel and lever changes. Interior trim simulate carbon fiber and red is very much present in lighting and of course, have not forgotten to place the STI logos on the steering wheel and shifter.

In April Subaru will begin taking orders for this new model in Japan with attractive price of around 30,000 euros , a bargain considering that in Spain cheaper Forester, petrol engine 150 hp and automatic transmission, costs about 25,000 euros.

Source – Subaru


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