Subaru Forester TS: this Forester has a complex of STI and unfortunately we will only sell in Australia

From Australia and from the hand of Subaru comes to us one of those special editions limited geographically that inevitably will be sorely missed also by these latitudes, a Subaru Forester, with the surname TS, dresses for the occasion of “STI” by adding by the way a good list of ingredients to shape a version of the most tempting that they can only enjoy the australian.

what if Subaru to create a Forester STI, willing to take on the BMW X4 M40i?

In total, there are 28 changes introduced by Subaru for this Subaru Forester TS which will be , limited to 300 copies and which for the occasion wears a new grill with the emblem STI and a red stripe that makes clear its vocation.

suspension, both their springs, like shock absorbers, have been revised for the occasion, reducing its height to 15 mm tires, Enkei, are also new, 19 inch and after they overlook one brakes signed by Brembo.

In your interior the ceiling becomes black and appears a good list of logos of STI, wearing the badge of Subaru Tecnica International steering wheel, seats, instruments, gear lever…

Mechanically this Forester TS is motivated by the block gasoline boxer, 2-liters cubicaje with a power of 240 horses, counting, of course, with the total traction of the mark and resorting to its transmission to a gearbox type CVT.