Subaru Impreza 2017: a new platform for the future of Subaru

Subaru has unfolded in Geneva 2016 an important novelty, The new Subaru Impreza and Subaru Impreza Sedan, two alternatives that had already been anticipated in recent months with the strike of a conceptual model and are now disclosed as such, and as we will see in the dealerships, and counting, under his skin, with an important novelty: the new platform of the brand.

When do we see it in Europe? For now we don’t have news about it, even though the brand has announced the US will begin to be sold at the end of this year.

This Subaru Impreza debuts a new architecture that will be present in the next models of the brand, a new platform that arrives to offer greater stability and agility , and in whose development has been especially careful soundproofing and the reduction of vibrations.

The center of gravity is now lower and their suspensions have been reviewed, with special attention to a scheme rear suspension with a rear independent double-wishbone accompanied by a new anti-roll bar to reduce body roll in a significant 50% compared to the previous generation (and in addition is able to absorb hsata 40% more energy in an impact).

For the occasion, Subaru has presented the platform accompanied by the mechanical gasoline boxer 4-cylinder and 2-liter cubicaje already known, a mechanism that has been revised with a new direct injection system (“among other improvements” quotation mark) going to develop now 155 horses compared to the 150 horses that were offered previously.

of course, the gearbox Lineartronic, type CVT or the awd system of the brand.

we will Have to wait for more details about the engines that will arrive to Europe and if in addition to this mechanical come options diesel or alternative fuel.


But… what’s wrong with your design?

In the security section highlights the system EyeSight, which includes functions such as adaptive cruise, emergency braking or warning for cross traffic rear and involuntary departure of the lane.

admittedly, after having seen the concept, and by applying logic to the Subaru Impeza is not surprising too, except for that spoiler has appeared in the sedan version. The heel cup, the protrusion of the lower bumper… try to give it a sporty touch while the rest of the strokes and features, opt for simplicity.

what’s New in your car.

In its interior we also find a simple design, with the air already known, but with improvements in connectivity and better quality, as well as are expected to also have a higher habitability, fruit of the increase of the wheelbase of this platform.


Gallery of images of the Subaru Impreza 2017: