Subaru Impreza 2017, losing fierceness, but gaining refinement

Although the Hall of New York opens its doors after tomorrow, this evening has been presented in preliminary form Subaru Impreza 2017. In a few days what we will see and we will know all about it, because at the moment there are no official data. Still has left to see with your new image.


it is necessary to consider that the Subaru Impreza changes rather with respect to the current model. The brand already gave us a preview a few days ago, and already we saw glimpses of that were due to be introduced a series of changes which if not would change the overall look of the Impreza, yes that would be good to modernise your line.

And so it has been. Obviously with only take a look, one realizes that we are faced with a Subaru. Even so the designers have been ordered to make it more elegant, the more refined we can say. With the passing of the years the Impreza has been civilizándose and in this new generation leaves patent.

And that which before us we have the Sport trim. That is to say that it comes with the costume more sportier than the Subaru Impreza is able to conceive, except the STi of course. air Intakes, larger wheels a greater size, bumper modified and a small spoiler on the tailgate let us know that we are in this version.


beyond the aesthetic point of view, we recognize an interior that also features changes. Especially the top of the center console, where is inserted, a new screen and a new keypad. Otherwise, the cabin presents a space very similar, beyond minor touch-ups in the design of the dashboard and the door panels.

The Impreza 2017 debuts platform, I have the other day. This is specially designed to accommodate different propulsion systems diesel, petrol and hybrid. It is, moreover, between 70% and 100% more rigid than its predecessor with a lower centre of gravity.

For the moment it is unknown the range of engines that will be fitted in, but we know that the Impreza Sport, which we have in images, it will mount a block of gasoline two-liter. We assume that for the american market versions will extend in the branch of petrol and hybrids, and less on the diesel.


Subaru intends to make this generation of the Impreza model more versatile and global. First will come the sedan version, which we see in images, and later will come the body-hatchback that we’ve already seen in several testing sessions. It is expected that Europe will also get to have several different units, beyond the Subaru WRX STi.