Subaru Impreza Concept, a preview of the compact five-door new generation


The Subari Impreza Concept greets us from Tokyo

The Hall of Tokyo 2015 is the perfect scenario selected by Subaru to unveil the look of the new generation of its compact. The Impreza 5-Door Concept we brought forward a design that gives the feeling of being very close to the production model instead of the far away prototypes, which we often see in the first instance.

we can See how the front is characteristically wide and low, which gives a very sporty that expands to the rest of the body. Highlight the hexagonal grille already seen in other Subaru modern as the recent Levorg along to the particular headlights hawk-eye attractive look while design that is more conceptual.

Two powerful lines define the dynamic character the new Subaru Impreza on the side of the body: one of them advances from the step wheel in front of the door handles to the shoulders later, while the other runs along the bottom rising as it comes to the rear axle. Its dynamic character is enhanced by the 19-inch alloy wheels finishing bittern.


Its design is distinctly sporty with a powerful figure in wide and low

behind presents an appearance consistent with the front: we find ourselves with forms wide and low that feature a muscular optical rear seated on steps of rear wheel. Highlights in addition to a – bumper design is very clean and the absence of queues of exhaust visible.

The manufacturer claims that this Impreza 5-Door Concept not only helps us to get an idea of the appearance of the compact five-door C-segment, but also anticipates some lines of design that we’ll see in future models Subaru.

Your body-compact five-door measures to 4,400 mm long, 1.880 mm wide and 1,440 mm high. With a wheelbase of 2.670 mm has an excellent interior space for five people. For the moment have not been revealed to the rest of the technical details but the press release suggests that it equips all-wheel-drive Subaru.